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Tools: Process Center – Monitor Process

This tool enables you to view which fantomas shadowMaker™ processes are currently active on your server system and which tasks or values are being handled.

Specifically, this is the data displayed:

1. Script
The running script's name.

2. PID
Short for “process identifier”, a unique numeric tag assigned by the Linux operating system to each running process.

3. Value
Depending on the script displayed, this column will list the respective values for the script(s) currently being processed.
– Value for script geturls.cgi: the keyword currently being processed during the search engine query.

– Value for script getcontent.cgi: the URL currently being spidered.

Moreover, you can kill unwanted processes from here, e. g. if you triggered a job by mistake or if there's a server performance problem due to a faulty configuration, timeout issues, etc.
Killing Processes

Killing a process can provoke unexpected results if you don't know exactly what you are doing, so use with care!

To kill one or several processes, select the corresponding checkbox(es) and hit button Kill process(es).

When killing processes, it is recommended to select all checkboxes assigned to a given script name.
This way, you can kill the child processes in tandem with their respective parent process.

For security reasons, only processes displaying a PID will be killed.

For a detailed explanation of this tool's functions, consult either the context sensitive online help or the manual.

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