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Tutorial Index

Step 1
Intro Features System Requirements Online Help Keyword Tips Search Phrase Selection Shadow Domains Defining Search Terms and Landing Pages Generic Landing Page Illustration: How Shadow Domains Work
Step 2
Defining Fillertext Sources Recommended Fillertext Volume
Step 3
Fetching and Editing Fillertext Editing Fillertext Content Manually
Step 4
Creating Your Shadow Domain Shadow Domain Parameters Phantom Page structure
Step 5
Check + Control Shadow Domain Central Keyword Switch Functionality The Shadow Domain Control Center Automatic botBase Maintenance
Step 6
Submitting To the Search Engines Batch Mode Configuration Editor Cron Job Configuration
Monitoring System Processes Killing System Processes
Basic Glossary

Central Keyword Switch (CKS) = a script (program) that checks all Shadow Domain™ visitors' IP addresses to either redirect human visitors to the Core Domain or to feed search engine spiders with phantom page content.
Cloaking/IP Delivery = process whereby different content will be displayed to search engine spiders and to human visitors
Core Domain = regular web site (main domain) intended for human visitors
Fillertext = artificially generated topical semantic environment employed for embedding targeted search phrases in predefined keyword densities (see below)
Keyword Density = the ratio of any given keyword/search phrase to its surrounding fillertext (see above) – this determines the weight of the keyword(s) on a phantom page, which constitutes an important on-page factor of search engine optimization.
Phantom Page = cloaked page. These are ordinary static HTML pages that derive their name from the fact that they are not intended for human perusal. They are intendend for search engine spiders only who will crawl them. By contrast, human visitors will be redirected in realtime to your main or Core Domain.
Phantom Page structure = This is the basic structure of a phantom page:
    – title
    – META Keywords
    – META Description
    – description
    – cross links
    – random content (from fillertext)
The random content is processed to feature keywords/search phrases in predefined density.

SE = search engine
SERP = search engine results page
Shadow Domain™ = dedicated web site presenting content to search engine spiders only

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