fantomas shadowMaker™Tutorial – Part 6: Submitting To the Search Engines

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Submitting To the Search Engines  | Batch Mode Configuration Editor  | Cron Job Configuration |
Step 6: Submitting To the Search Engines

After successfully testing your Shadow Domain's functionality under Step 5, you can now configure automatic submission of your Shadow Domain's pages in this step.

The parameters you can customize for this step include:

Submission parameters
Submission list file name Selection of search engines
E-mail parameters
E-mail address for submission E-mail recipients for submission reports Subject line for e-mail reports Name of e-mail attachments File extension of e-mail attachments Append date in e-mail reports subject line
Checking and logging parameters
Check URL availability before submission Type of submission report (Full/Summary/No) Save Results File Results file name

Batch Mode Configuration Editor

To further automate the submission process, you will find a Batch Mode Configuration Editor under this Step 6. This one-of-its-kind tool enables you to configure a “cron job”, i.e. a Unix scheduler regulating how many of your phantom pages shall be submitted to the engines and at which intervals.

Not only does this relieve you of the load of monitoring the submission process from you, it also serves to avoid the issue of possible penalization for oversubmission. The recommended maximum number of phantom pages to submit per day is 5 to 10.
Please note, however, that this is at the search engines' sole discretion and may change anytime without notice.
Cron Job Configuration

The Batch Mode Configuration Editor will assist you in generating a configuration defining the selected search engines to submit to, the number of URLs to submit per day, the e-mail addresses to deliver submission reports to, and further template variables.
All these variables are saved in interactive mode in a dedicated parameter file. You can define an unlimited number of different configurations for batch mode. They will all be stored in different parms files.

Please remember that the cron configuration file you generate in this manner will have to be uploaded to and implemented on your Shadow Domain's™ server.

For a detailed explanation of this tool's functions and the resulting configuration file's proper implementation, consult either the context sensitive online help or the manual.

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