fantomas shadowMaker™Tutorial – Part 4: Creating Your Shadow Domain™

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Step 4: Creating Your Shadow Domain™

In this step, your Shadow Domain™ pages will be generated.

From Version 2, the fantomas shadowMaker™ offers two basic modes in which to run the program: Standard Mode and Bulk Mode.

In Standard Mode, one single Shadow Domain™ with a single set of pages (one per keyword/search phrase) will be generated.

In Bulk Mode, you can generate multiple Shadow Domains™ and/or multiple sets of pages per keyword/search phrase with either fixed or fully randomizable values (e. g. keyword density, text content weight, etc.) This process is described in greater detail in the manual.

The overall process combines input from three different sources:

1. Your list of keywords/search phrases

2. A list of page descriptions (to be generated manually)

3. The fillertext content file generated under Step 3.

fantomas shadowMaker™ will now generate one dedicated phantom page per keyword/search phrase in your list (Standard mode).
In Bulk Mode it will generate as many pages in set or randomized/varying parameters as specified by you in this step.

Keywords/search phrases will be integrated into their respective phantom pages' TITLE tag and the phantom page's FILE NAME. Moreover, they will be included in the pages' BODY TEXT at a predefined keyword density configurable by you.

The phantom page's body text will be constituted by phrases randomly extracted from the extensive fillertext content generated before under Step 3.

Thus, there will never be any direct correlation between a spidered URL's content and the phantom page generated during this process.

All phantom pages generated by this randomized process will be 100% unique. Thus, no duplicate content is featured, a practice generally frowned upon by the search engines, leading to suboptimal rankings.

The theme or topic predetermined by your list of keywords/search phrases will be fed into the phantom pages from your extensive fillertext content file. In this manner, not only will you get keyword density optimized phantom pages, they will also be topically relevant.

The phantom pages created in this manner will be cross linked amongst each other to prevent generation of orphaned pages as search engines will not rank isolated pages well.

Note, however, that cross linking between multiple Shadow Domains™ is not supported as this would create easily discernible patterns possibly leading to penalization or suboptimal rankings with the search engines. Instead, it is recommended to create incoming links for each Shadow Domain™ via other means, e. g. weblogs (blogs), participation in our free LinkTopper™ link popularity program, etc.

Shadow Domain™ Parameters

The fantomas shadowMaker™ offers you full customization of your Shadow Domains™. This entails defining a fairly comprehensive set of parameters. Here are some of the most important.

Keyword file – You can have the program read your list of keywords/search phrases either from a CSV database (as typically generated in Step 1) or from a flat file generated offline for easier maintenance. You may define an unlimited number of keywords under both options.
Before working with the keyword flat file, you will have to upload it by FTP to your server directory: "input/input_keywords/"
By contrast, the CSV keyword database will typically be generated and stored in this directory automatically during Step 1.

Page Descriptions – Your page descriptions will be selected randomly from a set to be generated offline.
Take great care when writing your descriptions as they will be featured right at the top of your pages' body text – this means that many search engines will display them in their search results. Two obvious exceptions to this rule are Google and FAST/Alltheweb: these engine will display text snippets and/or the descriptions included in the META Description section.
Before working with the description text file, you will have to create this file manually in ASCII mode with a plain text editor. Then, upload it by FTP to your server directory: "input/input_descriptions/"

Generating multiple phantom pages per search phrase – It is strongly recommended not to restrict the generation of phantom pages to one per keyword/search phrase. Rather, we suggest generating several phantom pages per keyword/search phrase in varying keyword density and/or file lengths.
The fantomas shadowMaker™ program can generate an unlimited amount of unique phantom pages by randomizing the choice of fillertext which, on the phantom page proper, constitutes the body text, to be augmented/"inoculated" by your predefined keywords/search phrases to your predefined keyword density.
This has become particularly easy, efficient and comfortable in Bulk Mode as offered from ver. 2 of the program.

Phantom Page structure – This is the basic structure of a phantom page:
    – title
    – META Keywords
    – META Description
    – description
    – cross links
    – random content (from fillertext)
The random content is processed to feature keywords/search phrases in predefined density.

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