Text area: "URLs (format: http://...)"
If you want to work in online mode, enter the URLs you want to
submit into text area "URLs (format: http://...)".
Each URL must be entered in a separate line.
You can enter an unlimited number of URLs.
It is recommended to limit submissions to 5 URLs per domain and
day as some search engines may ignore or even penalize larger
numbers of submissions in the course of their spam prevention
Close window ]
Text area: "Select search engines!"
You can select search engines via mouse click in the upper
selection field  "Select search engines!" If you wish to select
the whole array at once, click on the button marked "Toggle"
(Defaults to ALL/Single engines) further down.
Multiple selections are effected by pressing the CTRL key 
simultaneously with a mouse click.

Note: Submission Report by E-mail
After submission of URLs to selected search engines, you will
receive a digest by e-mail (HTML attachment) at the address you
This report lists both successful and unsuccessful submissions.
For every unsuccessful submission, the relevant search engine's
message page is (in HTML format) attached to the e-mail report
for your perusal.
To save on bandwidth, graphics files will not be transmitted.
Reasons for unsuccessful submission may vary: the search
engine's server is down; search engine will only accept one URL
per day; search engine will only accept submission of root
domain; etc.

Field: "E-mail for submission:"
In field "E-mail for submission:" enter the valid e-mail address
you want to submit to search engines.
Example: webmaster@YourShadowDomain.com
Some search engines (e.g. Alltheweb/FAST and MSN) will require
this address to finalize submission. Field must be filled in
even for submission to search engines which do not specifically
demand an e-mail address.

Field: "Report via e-mail to:"
In the following field "Report via e-mail to:" enter the e-mail
address the submission report shall be sent to.
Example: YourName@YourShadowDomain.com
If you have checked the "Send Report" box, this entry is
MANDATORY as a report will be dispatched with every submission!

Field: "cc:"
In the field "cc" you may enter a second e-mail address
Example: YourClient@ClientsDomain.com
This feature allows you to send an additional report to those
clients in whose behalf your are submitting pages to search
engines, to another company department, etc.

Field: "Subject for e-mail report"
Enter subject line content for the e-mail report
in field "Subject for e-mail report".
After the submission process has been finalized, you will receive a
submission report by e-mail.
This report will consist of various attachments: an overview of
submission results and - in case of failed submissions - the
error messages generated by the search engines.
Close window ]
Field: "Attachment name"
In the field "Attachment name" enter the attachment name for the
submission results overview.

Field: "Attachment extension"
In the field "Attachment extension" you can customize the
extension (file suffix) for submission results reports sent as
e-mail attachments. E.g.: srr, txt, rep, etc.
Make sure to enter the extension without period (dot), i.e.
"txt", not ".txt"!
Close window ]
Checkbox: "Append Date"
If you wish to include the current date in your e-mail report's
subject line and in the report's file name, check the box marked
"Append Date".
Subject for e-mail report: shadowMaker: Submission Results
        Results file name: sM-
           File extension: .html
After checking the box "Append Date", this will give you:
     Subject: shadowMaker: Submission Results 2002-10-07
                 Filename: sM-2002-10-07.html
This feature improves easy management of your submission

Checkbox: "Check URLs"
Checking the last box marked "Check URLs" will make the program
check all URLs you wish to submit for availability before the
submission process is started.

Button: "ALL/SINGLE engines/Toggle"
Provided your browser's JavaScript function is enabled, you may
make use of the button "ALL/SINGLE engines/Toggle" to select the
engines to submit to.
Else, you can select engines manually.
Close window ]

Radio button: "Send Full Report"
If you wish to receive a submission report by e-mail, including
the relevant search engine's message page (in HTML format) for
every unsuccessful submission, check the radio button marked
"Send Full Report".

Radio button: "Send Summary Report"
If you wish to receive the submission overview report only (by
e-mail), check the radio button marked "Send Summary Report".

Radio button: "Send No Report"
If you don't wish to receive the submission report by e-mail,
check the radio button marked "Send No Report".

Checkbox: "Save Results File"
Checking the box marked "Save Results File" will save the
submission results overview to a file on your server.

Field: "Results file name"
In the field "Results file name" enter the file name for the
submission results overview.
This file will reside in the directory:
Required file permissions: "chmod 666"  [-rw-rw-rw-]
Close window ]
Button: "Submit URLs"
After entering all required data, you can initialize the
submission process by clicking button "Submit URLs".
Initialization of submission process will be confirmed in a new
If you wish to continue with additional submissions, click
button "back to fantomas shadowMaker". This will lead you back
to the main template.
The submission will be handled by a new UNIX process which will
run in your system's background. Hence, it is not required to
sustain online connection to your web server or monitor the
procedure. Instead, you may dedicate this time to other

Button: Customize
For the experienced user only!
By clicking the button "Customize" below the search engine
selection field, you will be guided to the maintenance template.
Here, you may modify online search engines or add new entries to
the list.

Note: Maintenance of Search Engines List
For the experienced user only!
You can customize the search engine submission strings to accomodate
changes, add new engines, etc.

The following Syntax is mandatory, e.g.:

engine  = Lycos
search  = http://www.lycos.com
referer = http://www.lycos.com/addasite.html
submit  = http://www.lycos.com/cgi-bin/spider_now.pl?query=[URL]&e-mail=[EMAIL]
ack     = We successfully spidered your page

    Marks new entry.
engine  = Name of search engine. Freely configurable.
search  = URL of search engine. Required for submission.
referer = URL of submission page. Required by some engines.
submit  = URL of search engine's submission script.
          The expressions [URL] and [EMAIL] are placeholders for
          the URL and the e-mail address to be submitted.
          The straight brackets [ and ] MUST BE INCLUDED!
          For search engines that don't require an e-mail address
          you may leave out expression [EMAIL].
ack     = Text string of acknowledgment page as displayed by
          search engine after successful submission. This text
          must match exactly the displayed message.
          Recommendation: avoid umlauts and extended characters.
The equal sign "=" must be set as in the example above.
Blanks before or after equal sign are optional.

You may enter commentary lines beginning with "#". These will be
skipped when executing the program. E.g.:
# This is a sample commentary.

To save your modifications, click button "Save!".
To return to main template, click button "back to fantomas

You may, of course, edit the search engine list offline and
upload it later by FTP.

For search engines which require the HTTP GET method for calling
the submission script, the variables above can be parsed from
the URL.
However, search engines employing the HTTP POST method won't
transfer their parameters via the URL.
In these cases, parameters such as e.g. "url" and "e-mail" can
be parsed from the HTML page's source code.

Thus, a submission URL can be construed.
submit = http://www.searchengine.com/submit.cgi?url=[URL]&e-mail=[EMAIL]

fantomas shadowMaker™ will split this URL up again
internally and will then feed the parameters to the search
engine in question.
Close window ]