Status Message: "Current configuration: max xxxx URLs."
This status message indicates the maximum number of URLs
the program will fetch from the search engine results pages
to analyze them.
This value (default: "1000") is defined in the setup file as variable "$max_url".
While technically well versed users could customize this
value themselves, this is not supported: bear in mind that
search engines take a dim view of automated queries because
of the massive, expensive bandwidth they tend to eat up.
Hence, to avoid engines blocking your server IP for possible
bandwidth wastage, we strongly recommend sticking to the default
value of max. 1000 URLs which will normally suffice nicely to
generate sufficiently varied, relevant fillertext content for
your Shadow Domain's phantom pages.

Button: "Check/Uncheck All"
Provided your browser's JavaScript function is enabled, the
"Check/Uncheck All" toggle button lets you select or unselect
all search engines to parse for relevant URLs with a single click.

Checkboxes: "Select/Unselect Search Engines"
These checkboxes let you select or unselect individual search
engines to parse for relevant URLs.
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