Button + Field: "Save parameter file"
Whenever a fantomas shadowMaker™ script is called up
for the first time, this field is empty by default.
The field will display a file name only after a parameter
file has been generated.
The name of the parameter file used last will be stored
so you can work on it whenever calling the script another
By clicking this button, you will save the current
parameter file. The name is displayed in the field
"Current parameter file".

Button + Field: "Create new parameter file"
All variables are stored in a parameter file. Hence, this
file should be created first.
You can enter the parameter file's name in the field to the
left of button "Create new parameter file".
E.g.: project_varparm_sm.txt
By clicking this button, you will create and save the new
paramter file.

Button + Field: "Select parameter file"
If you choose to use different parameter files for various
projects, you can select the relevant file via the drop down
menu and load it by clicking the button "Select parameter file".
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