Text area: "Process Center - Monitor and Stop Processes"

Process Center
The script monitor.cgi will list all fantomas shadowMaker(TM)
processes currently running on the server system.

The table "Process list" displays the following data:

1. Script
   The running script's name.

2. PID
   Short for "process identifier", a unique numeric tag
   assigned by the Linux operating system to each running

3. Value
   Depending on the script displayed, this column will list the
   respective values for the script(s) currently being processed.
    - Value for script "geturls.cgi": the KEYWORD currently being
                                      processed during the search engine query.
    - Value for script "getcontent.cgi": the URL currently being spidered.

As a rule, every active script will spawn multiple child processes.
Hence, the script name may be listed several times in the table.

Only one of these child processes will handle a single value at any
given time.
Thus it is not unusual for the script name to be displayed multiple
times, whereas only one value is listed for one of these instances,
with the other child processes displaying blank values.

Clicking on the button "Reload" will refresh the list of current processes.

Button: "Kill process(es)"

Killing Processes
To kill one or several processes, select the corresponding checkbox(es)
and hit button "Kill process(es)".

When killing processes, it is recommended to select ALL checkboxes
assigned to a given script name.
This way, you can kill the child processes in tandem with their
respective parent process.

Note that this procedure may require repeating if a fresh child process
happens to have been triggered in the meantime (i. e. since the last
display refresh).

For security reasons, only processes displaying a PID will be
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