Step 1: Build CSV File
In Step 1 you will define the target pages you want to
redirect your human visitors to.

Step 2: "Get URLs"
In Step 2, based on your list of keywords/search phrases,
the program will determine the most important URLs pertinent
to these keywords as displayed by the major search engines
within their Top 30 search results.

Step 3: "Get Content"
Next, the URLs determined in Step 2 will be spidered. In a
very extensive process their content will be stripped of HTML
tags, sanitized, scrambled and sorted and, finally, stored.
This is important in order to avoid copyright infringements
and to generate highly relevant fillertext for your SD's phantom

Step 4: "Create Site"
In Step 4, the optimized phantom pages are generated which will
constitute your Shadow Domain.

Step 5: "Check Setup"
The Checkup, Test and Control Center allows you to configure
your Shadow Domain setup and to fine tune it as required.

Step 6: "Submit Pages"
In Step 6, your Shadow Domain pages are submitted automatically
to the search engines.

Process Center: "Monitor and Stop Processes"
The Process Center will list all fantomas shadowMaker(TM) processes
currently running on the server system with the possibility to kill
one or several processes.
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