Assigning Landing Pages
This page displays the predefined keywords/search phrases
in the left column.
You may now enter the individual landing page URLs you wish to 
assign to each keyword/search phrase in the right column.
These are the pages your human visitors who have entered
the pertinent keyword/search phrase in the search engines will
be redirected to.


keyword1 --- 
keyword2 --- 
keyword3 --- 
... etc.

If you don't enter a specific landing page URL in a right
column row, the Standard URL will be assigned to the
keyword/search phrase in question.
This Standard URL will later be defined in the central 
Keyword Switch File when setting up the Shadow Domain.

You must enter a minimum of one URL in the right column.

If you want to redirect all traffic to the Standard URL,
regardless of which keywords/search phrases the search
engine user entered, you may skip Step 1.

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