Checkbox: "Background Processing"
If you generate lots of phantom pages, it is recommended to opt
for background processing by checking this box to minimize on
system resources.
If your list of targeted keywords/search phrases contains 1000
entries, the program will take approximately (depending on
various factors such as hardware, system load, traffic, etc.) 5
minutes to finalize the process. However, most systems will
sever the connection between web server and browser after about
5 minutes, in which case the script cannot be closed properly.

It is therefore recommended to check this option "Background
Processing" from a minimum of appr. 500 keywords/search phrases
to be on the safe side.
"Generate phantom pages" will be handled by a new UNIX process
which will run in your system's background. Hence, it is not
required to sustain online connection to your web server or
monitor the procedure.

Checkbox: "Send E-Mail Notification"
If you wish to be notified by e-mail once the process is
completed, check the box marked "Send E-Mail Notification". The
script will then dispatch a notification to the e-mail address
you specified in the setup file "" under variable

Button: "Generate phantom pages"
By clicking this button, you will create and save the phantom
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