Button: "Select URLs"
Clicking this button will display the next HTML template where you
can edit your URL list.

Checkbox: "Send E-Mail Notification"
Depending on the number of URLs chosen, the time used for process 
"Get Content" may vary considerably.
Here's an indication of what you may expect:
If you want the program to spider 500 URLs, the process will take 
approximately 1 hour.
If you wish to be notified by e-mail once the process is
completed, check the box marked "Send E-Mail Notification". The
script will then dispatch a notification to the e-mail address
you specified in the setup file "SMSetupe.pm" under variable

Button: "Get Content"
After entering all required data, you can initialize the process
by clicking button "Get Content".
Initialization of process will be confirmed in a new template.
"Get Content" will be handled by a new UNIX process which will
run in your system's background.
Hence, it is not required to sustain online connection to your
web server or monitor the procedure. Instead, you may dedicate
this time to other activities.
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