Field: "Project name"
You can enter any project name of your choosing in this field,
e.g. the Shadow Domain's or your client's name, etc.
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Field: "Submission list file (name)"
When starting the script submitpages-e.cgi in batch mode, it
will read the submission URLs from a predefined text file.
Enter the submission file name (without its system path) in this
This file was generated during step 4 and was stored in
directory: ""admin/admin_submissions/"

If you want to use your own file with submission URLs, please
proceed as outlined below.
The submission URLs must be entered one per line.
Blank lines and lines commented out with # will be skipped.

Please create this file manually in ASCII mode with a text
editor. Then, upload it by FTP in ASCII mode to the directory:

Set file permissions to: "chmod 666"  [-rw-rw-rw-]

After execution, the batch job will look similar to the following
# 2002-10-07, 20:08 ok:
# 2002-10-07, 20:08 not ok:
              Not Found 404
# 2002-10-07, 20:08 ok:

The entries "ok" or "not ok" relate solely to availability of
the submission URLs.
The detailed messages generated by the search engines will be
listed in the e-mail submission report.

The last two URLs in our example given above will be submitted
during the batch job's next run.
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