Field: "Project name"
You can enter any project name of your choosing in this field,
e.g. the Shadow Domain's or your client's name, etc.

Field: "URL list file (name)"
The URLs collected in Step 2 were stored under this file name
in directory: "admin/admin_urls/"
This file will now be used for input. Enter the file name
(without its system path) here.

Field: "Content file (name)"
This file will contain the spidered, whacked, sanitized and
processed fillertext content. Enter the file name (without its
system path) in this field. The file will be stored in
directory: "input/input_contents/"

Selection field: "Language"
When spidering URLs, the pages' meta tags are analyzed for body
text language indicators. If the meta tag section indicates
another body text language than the one chose with this drop
down menu, the URL will be skipped and no content will be retrieved.
Currently, the supported languages are English and German.
Your language of choice is "English". If a meta tag on the
spidered page indicates languages German or French, the URL will
be skipped.
If no language meta tag is found on the spidered page, language
analysis is terminated and the content will be whacked for further
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