Field: "URL list file (name)"
The collected URLs will be stored in this file. Enter the 
file name (without its system path) in this field.
This file will be stored automatically in
directory: "admin/admin_urls/".

Checkbox "Send E-Mail Notification"
Depending on the number of keywords/search phrases chosen,
the time used for process "Get URLs" may vary considerably.
Here's an indication of what you may expect:
If you want the program to check and list the URLs for
50 keywords at 10 search engines, the process will take
approximately 1 hour.
If you wish to be notified by e-mail once the process is
completed, check the box marked "Send E-Mail Notification".
The script will then dispatch a notification to the e-mail
address you specified in the setup file "" under
variable "$to_mail".
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