Checkboxes: "Editing the URL list file"
This is the list of URLs the fantomas shadowMaker™ spider
determined as relevant to your list of keywords/search phrases.
Fillertext content will be whacked from these URLs for further
processing to serve as a semantic base for your Shadow Domain's
phantom pages.
You can unselect any URLs you do not want to use for this process
by clicking its pertinent checkbox.
Tip: After saving the modified URL list file in this manner, the
page will refresh to display the remaining selected URLs.
If the list is very long, you may want to save modifications
occasionally in between. That way, should you experience a system
crash, you won't lose all your work.

Button: "Save URL list file"
To save the edited URL list file, click this button.

Button: "undo"
The "undo" button lets you undo any changes to restore the
previous version.
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